La fanfic ha dato vita a numerose opere derivate, tra cui un podcast in inglese : hpmorpodcast. In questo sito troverete i testi della traduzione italiano, sia in formato html che pdf. Le immagini contenute nella traduzione sono, ove non diversamente indicato, opera di Dinosaurusgede dinosaurusgede. Capitolo 1 — Una giornata molto poco probabile.

Capitolo 10 — Auto-consapevolezza, Parte II. Capitolo — Prendersi cura. Capitolo — Test. Capitolo — Riflessioni, parte I. Capitolo 11 - Omake 1, 2, 3. Capitolo — Riflessioni, parte II.

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Capitolo — Fallimento, parte I. Capitolo — Fallimento, parte II. Capitolo — Esame finale. Capitolo — Conseguenze, qualcosa da proteggere. Capitolo — Qualcosa da proteggere: Minerva McGonagall. Capitolo — Qualcosa da proteggere: professor Quirrell.

Capitolo — Qualcosa da proteggere: Albus Silente. Capitolo 12 - Controllo degli impulsi.

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Capitolo — Qualcosa da proteggere: Draco Malfoy. Capitolo — Qualcosa da proteggere: Severus Snape. Capitolo 13 - Porre le domande sbagliate. Capitolo 14 - L'ignoto e l'inconoscibile.

Capitolo 16 - Pensiero laterale. Capitolo 17 - Localizzare le ipotesi. Capitolo 18 - Gerarchie di dominanza. Capitolo 19 - Gratificazione differita. Capitolo 20 - Teorema di Bayes. Capitolo 21 - Razionalizzazione. Capitolo 22 — Il metodo scientifico. Capitolo 23 — Credere di credere.

Capitolo 25 — Trattenersi dal proporre soluzioni. Capitolo 26 — Notare il disorientamento. Capitolo 27 — Empatia.

Capitolo 28 — Riduzionismo. Capitolo 29 — Pensiero egocentrico. Capitolo 32 — Interludio: Gestione finanziaria personale.

Capitolo 36 — Differenziali di status.Our fathers among the saints Cyril and Methodius were brothers who brought Orthodoxy to the Slavic peoples of central Europe in the ninth century. In preparation for their mission to the Slavs they devised the Glagolitic alphabet to translate the Holy Scriptures and other Christian writings into what is now called Old Church Slavonic.

Glagolitic later developed into the Cyrillic alphabet which is now used in a number of Slavic languages. The two brothers have been recognized as saintsequals to the apostlesfor their missionary work. Many details of their lives have been obscured by the legends that have arisen about them. Constantine later Cyril and Michael later Methodius were born early in the 9th century in Thessalonika into a senatorial family.

The years of their birth are uncertain. Constantine, the elder of the two, may have been born inwhile Methodius is believed to have been born in Their mother is believed to have been Slavic.

Being raised in an area with both Greek and Slavic speakers endowed the brothers with a good knowledge of the two languages. As befitting their family's position, they were well educated.

At a young age the brothers lost their father and they were raised under the protection of their uncle Theoctistos, who was a powerful official in the Byzantine government, responsible for postal services and the diplomatic relations of the empire.


Inhe invited Constantine to Constantinople to continue his studies at the university there. He was ordained a deacon in Constantinopole. As Constantine was knowledgeable in theology and had a good command of the Arabic and Hebrew languages, his first state mission to the Abbasid Caliph Al-Mutawakkil was to discuss the principle of the Holy Trinity with Arab theologians and thus improve the Empire's diplomatic relations with the Abbasid Caliphate.

Theoctistos also arranged a position as an official in the Slavic administration of the empire for Michael. He soon went to the monastery at Mount Olympus where he was tonsured with the name Methodius. The mission was unsuccessful as the Khagan chose Judaism for his people, but many people embraced Christianity. Upon their return, Constantine was appointed professor of philosophy in the university. Then in the two brothers were invited by Prince Rastislav of Great Moravia to preach Christianity in his domains.

This request was a fallout of the efforts of the Slavic princes in central Europe attempting to maintain their independence from their Germanic neighbors. Rastislav was looking for Christian missionaries to replace those from the Germans.

In the end this mission would continue for the rest of the brothers' lives, as the brothers were dedicated to the idea that Christianity should be presented to the people in their native languages as was the practice in the East. To accomplish their work they developed the Glagolitic alphabet, the precursor of the Cyrillic alphabet, and began the translation of the Scriptures and Christian literature into the Slavic language.

The German clergy had used their liturgical language, Latin, as a measure to maintain their influence in Moravia and therefore were unhappy with the work of Constantine and Methodius, and they used this difference to attack the brothers. After laboring for about four years, the brothers were called by Nicholas I to appear in Rome to defend their work.

The area in which they worked was within the jurisdiction of Rome. However, before their arrival, in Nicholas died and was succeeded by Adrian II.I metodi della classe System. Math offrono funzioni trigonometriche, logaritmiche e altre funzioni matematiche comuni. The methods of the System. Math class provide trigonometric, logarithmic, and other common mathematical functions. Nella tabella seguente sono elencati i metodi della classe System. The following table lists methods of the System.

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NET Standard or. NET Core:. Per usare queste funzioni senza qualificazione, importare lo spazio dei nomi System. Math nel progetto aggiungendo il codice seguente all'inizio del file di origine: To use these functions without qualification, import the System. Math namespace into your project by adding the following code to the top of your source file:.

In questo esempio viene usato il metodo Abs della classe Math per calcolare il valore assoluto di un numero.


This example uses the Abs method of the Math class to compute the absolute value of a number. In questo esempio viene usato il metodo Atan della classe Math per calcolare il valore di pi greco. This example uses the Atan method of the Math class to calculate the value of pi. La classe System. Math contiene Math. PI campo costante.

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The section Interfaces describes an example that involves manufacturers of computer-controlled cars who publish industry-standard interfaces that describe which methods can be invoked to operate their cars. What if those computer-controlled car manufacturers add new functionality, such as flight, to their cars? These manufacturers would need to specify new methods to enable other companies such as electronic guidance instrument manufacturers to adapt their software to flying cars.

Where would these car manufacturers declare these new flight-related methods? If they add them to their original interfaces, then programmers who have implemented those interfaces would have to rewrite their implementations.

If they add them as static methods, then programmers would regard them as utility methods, not as essential, core methods. Default methods enable you to add new functionality to the interfaces of your libraries and ensure binary compatibility with code written for older versions of those interfaces. Suppose that you want to add new functionality to the TimeClient interface, such as the ability to specify a time zone through a ZonedDateTime object which is like a LocalDateTime object except that it stores time zone information :.

Following this modification to the TimeClient interface, you would also have to modify the class SimpleTimeClient and implement the method getZonedDateTime.


However, rather than leaving getZonedDateTime as abstract as in the previous exampleyou can instead define a default implementation. Remember that an abstract method is a method declared without an implementation.

You specify that a method definition in an interface is a default method with the default keyword at the beginning of the method signature. All method declarations in an interface, including default methods, are implicitly publicso you can omit the public modifier. With this interface, you do not have to modify the class SimpleTimeClientand this class and any class that implements the interface TimeClientwill have the method getZonedDateTime already defined.

Any class that implements the interface AnotherTimeClient will have the implementation specified by the default method TimeClient. Any class that implements the interface AbstractZoneTimeClient will have to implement the method getZonedDateTime ; this method is an abstract method like all other nondefault and nonstatic methods in an interface. Any class that implements the interface HandleInvalidTimeZoneClient will use the implementation of getZonedDateTime specified by this interface instead of the one specified by the interface TimeClient.

In addition to default methods, you can define static methods in interfaces. A static method is a method that is associated with the class in which it is defined rather than with any object.Methods are functions that are associated with a particular type.

Classes, structures, and enumerations can all define instance methods, which encapsulate specific tasks and functionality for working with an instance of a given type. Classes, structures, and enumerations can also define type methods, which are associated with the type itself. Type methods are similar to class methods in Objective-C. The fact that structures and enumerations can define methods in Swift is a major difference from C and Objective-C. In Objective-C, classes are the only types that can define methods.

In Swift, you can choose whether to define a class, structure, or enumeration, and still have the flexibility to define methods on the type you create. Instance methods are functions that belong to instances of a particular class, structure, or enumeration. Instance methods have exactly the same syntax as functions, as described in Functions. You write an instance method within the opening and closing braces of the type it belongs to.

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An instance method has implicit access to all other instance methods and properties of that type. An instance method can be called only on a specific instance of the type it belongs to. It cannot be called in isolation without an existing instance. The Counter class defines three instance methods:. The Counter class also declares a variable property, countto keep track of the current counter value. The same is true for method parameters, because methods are just functions that are associated with a type.

Every instance of a type has an implicit property called selfwhich is exactly equivalent to the instance itself. You use the self property to refer to the current instance within its own instance methods. The increment method in the example above could have been written like this:.

This assumption is demonstrated by the use of count rather than self. The main exception to this rule occurs when a parameter name for an instance method has the same name as a property of that instance. In this situation, the parameter name takes precedence, and it becomes necessary to refer to the property in a more qualified way.

You use the self property to distinguish between the parameter name and the property name. Here, self disambiguates between a method parameter called x and an instance property that is also called x :. Without the self prefix, Swift would assume that both uses of x referred to the method parameter called x.

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The method can then mutate that is, change its properties from within the method, and any changes that it makes are written back to the original structure when the method ends. The method can also assign a completely new instance to its implicit self property, and this new instance will replace the existing one when the method ends.

You can opt in to this behavior by placing the mutating keyword before the func keyword for that method:. The Point structure above defines a mutating moveBy x:y: method, which moves a Point instance by a certain amount. Instead of returning a new point, this method actually modifies the point on which it is called.

The mutating keyword is added to its definition to enable it to modify its properties.Autocephaly recognized universally de factoby some Autocephalous Churches de jure. Cyril born Constantine, — and Methodius — were two brothers and Byzantine Christian theologians and missionaries.

For their work evangelizing the Slavsthey are known as the "Apostles to the Slavs". They are credited with devising the Glagolitic alphabetthe first alphabet used to transcribe Old Church Slavonic. Both brothers are venerated in the Orthodox Church as saints with the title of " equal-to-apostles ".


The two brothers were born in Thessalonica located in present-day Greece — Cyril in about — and Methodius about — Cyril was reputedly the youngest of seven brothers; he was born Constantine, [9] but was given the name Cyril upon becoming a monk in Rome shortly before his death, [10] [11] [12] according to the Vita Cyrilli "The Life of Cyril". The exact ethnic origins of the brothers are unknown, there is controversy as to whether Cyril and Methodius were of Slavic [14] or Byzantine Greek [15] origin, or both.

He was also responsible, along with the regent Bardasfor initiating a far-reaching educational program within the Empire which culminated in the establishment of the University of Magnaurawhere Cyril was to teach. About the yearByzantine Emperor Michael III and the Patriarch of Constantinople Photius a professor of Cyril's at the University and his guiding light in earlier yearssent Cyril on a missionary expedition to the Khazars who had requested a scholar be sent to them who could converse with both Jews and Saracens.

After his return to Constantinople, Cyril assumed the role of professor of philosophy at the University while his brother had by this time become a significant figure in Byzantine political and administrative affairs, and an abbot of his monastery.

Inthe brothers began the work which would give them their historical importance. His motives in doing so were probably more political than religious. Rastislav had become king with the support of the Frankish ruler Louis the Germanbut subsequently sought to assert his independence from the Franks. It is a common misconception that Cyril and Methodius were the first to bring Christianity to Moraviabut the letter from Rastislav to Michael III states clearly that Rastislav's people "had already rejected paganism and adhere to the Christian law.

Their first work seems to have been the training of assistants. Inthey began the task of translating the Bible into the language now known as Old Church Slavonic and travelled to Great Moravia to promote it. However, they came into conflict with German ecclesiastics who opposed their efforts to create a specifically Slavic liturgy. For the purpose of this mission, they devised the Glagolitic alphabetthe first alphabet to be used for Slavonic manuscripts.

The Glagolitic alphabet was suited to match the specific features of the Slavic language. Its descendant script, the Cyrillic, is still used by many languages today. The language derived from Old Church Slavonic, known as Church Slavonicis still used in liturgy by several Orthodox Churches and also in some Eastern Catholic churches. It is impossible to determine with certainty what portions of the Bible the brothers translated. The New Testament and the Psalms seem to have been the first, followed by other lessons from the Old Testament.

The "Translatio" speaks only of a version of the Gospels by Cyril, and the "Vita Methodii" only of the "evangelium Slovenicum," though other liturgical selections may also have been translated.

Nor is it known for sure which liturgy, that of Rome or that of Constantinople, they took as a source. They may well have used the Roman alphabetas suggested by liturgical fragments which adhere closely to the Latin type. This view is confirmed by the "Prague Fragments" and by certain Old Glagolitic liturgical fragments brought from Jerusalem to Kiev and discovered there by Izmail Sreznevsky —probably the oldest document for the Slavonic tongue; these adhere closely to the Latin type, as is shown by the words "Mass," "Preface," and the name of one Felicitas.

In any case, the circumstances were such that the brothers could hope for no permanent success without obtaining the authorization of Rome. The mission of Constantine and Methodius had great success among Slavs in part because they used the people's native language rather than Latin or Greek.As a precautionary health measure for our support specialists in light of COVID, we're operating with a limited team.

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